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Far Infrared Sauna
Far Infrared Sauna 
SPECIAL FOR  9/18 - 9/30
30 min Sauna ONLY $30.00

Unlike the traditional dry sauna, which relies on heating the body indirectly through warming surfaces within the sauna, infrared saunas emit heat that is directly absorbed by the skin. As a result, the heat waves are able to penetrate deep within the muscle and tissue, creating a rise in core body temperature at a much lower ambient temperature than the traditional sauna. It is this key difference in heating methodology that gives the infrared sauna its ability to create an environment that promotes a detoxifying sweat at a much lower temperature, unlocking a variety of different health benefits. 
30 min $30.00 includes shower (please bring your robe)
Please call to book your space! 
Mon - Sat

(5) visits     $125.00
(10) visits     $200.00 
Contact Information
phone: (508) 478-3353
Offer Valid: September 22, 2017November 30, 2017
Milford Area Chamber of Commerce